Cloud-based Scheduling and Attendance Management Solution

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Employee Timetracking

Employees can clock in or out with just one click. through biometric devices along or web-clock. Employees can take a break, change job codes and even work with multiple locations.


Comprehensive scheduling by jobs, departments or shifts to ensure the deployment of the right people to right work with less administrative effort.

Mobile App

Use mobile app to track employees location points when they start and end job. Managers can access, review employees time from anywhere.

Payroll Integrations

Easily connect with any accounting or payroll software to automatically sync employee time tracking data for payroll processing.


Detailed insights with interactive reports like tardiness, consolidated reports and can export time tracking data to excel or pdf format.

Custom Attendance rules

Easy to configure custom attendance and overtime rules for various operationl requirements.

One Click Solution for all Bussiness needs

Effort less time tracking form any device

Geofencing for Mobile Time tracking

Geotracking and Asset management

Custom Integration and Leave management

Easy to configure turnkey Solution

Customized reporting


$499.00 each

  • $3.00 per month per active user
  • Support Fingerprint and RFID cards
  • Also available with FaceReader model
  • 24*7 Support System
  • $4.99 per month upto 10 employees
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